Somerset Emotion Coaching Project January 2015 - December 2018

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 In January 2015 Bath Spa University and EHCAP Ltd were commissioned by Public Health, Somerset County Council to provide Mindful Emotion Coaching training across services for children and young people in Somerset. This cascading project has been extended through to December 2018.

The training is based on the 5 steps of Emotion Coaching described by Professor John Gottman (Washington) and the neuroscience of emotion resilience. Key research figures are Professors Dan Siegel (Los Angeles) and Professor Jack Shonkoff (Washington). The project has a collaborative working relationship with the attachment based Emotion Coaching Parenting Program Tuning n to Kids (Australia) and the Attachment Aware Schools Project (UK). All training includes working with the Mental Health Toolkit.

More than 200 Emotion Coaching Champions have been trained across Somerset to take on leadership roles within their own organisations and across services, working with professionals and young people to increase everyone's understanding of emotional health and wellbeing and to enable better appreciation of when and how to refer on for help. Safeguarding is the golden thread through the project and champions are encouraged to have Working Together (Education) / Level 3 Intercollegiate (Health) training as well as adult safeguarding training.

The project is commissioned using an Outcomes Framework- working to improve outcomes into adulthood for children and young people with emotional and mental health difficulties. Bath Spa and EHCAP were commissioned in 2014 to develop a network of skilled professionals throughout the children and young people workforce who are champions for the emotional health and wellbeing for children and young people across Somerset. Also to ensure more children and young people know where and how to seek help with their emotional problems.

 2017 grant funding has  provided suport and training for 10 Mindful Emotion Coaching  Facilitators who are now able to facilitate a One Day Introduction to Mindful Emotion Coaching. Karen Leafe (PFSA Ham Hills) is also able to provide extension training in Emotion Coaching including on line video link coaching for both parents and professionals. 


2017 Facilitators and 2015/2016 Champions


Cascading materials hosted by EHCAP




Emotion Coaching at the heart of PCP- Person Centred Practice

Karen Leafe at our February 2017 Conference


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