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Mindful Emotion Coaching is based on three scientific concepts from Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University::

- develop an environment of responsive relationships with 'serve and return' interactions based the sience that tells us that responsive relationships and positive experiences build sturdy brain architecture and promote healthy development

Professor John Gottman's Emotion Coaching

- strengthen core life skills to improve executive function and self regulation

Professor Dan Siegel's Hand Model

- reduce sources of stress, increase understanding of positive/tolerable/toxic stress.

Toxic stress disrupts the developing brain and other biological systems with lifelong consequences for learning, behaviour and health (more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, addiction)


As adults around children in schools, services and communities we have the opportunity to model responsive relationships and scaffold life skills and to identify toxic stress (safeguarding). 

In order to do this effectively we need to first build our own self regulation and executive function skills. In our training we use ( for example) - The Hand Model metaphor, Emotion Coaching, Mindful Exercises, River of Wellbeing, Family of Origin Exercise.


The training draws on resources put together by Tuning in to Kids in Melbourne as well as research by key American thinkers- Jack Shonkoff, Dan Siegel and John Gottman. We have brought together the essence of their work and created a short psycho-social behavioural change intervention which is easy to teach and reproducible. 


Putting Mindful Emotion Coaching at the heart of Person Centered Practice or PCP


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