EHCAP and Independent Consultants


EHCAP  works collaboratively with independent consultants  offering innovative solutions to Health, Education, Care and Prison Services for children, young people (from 0-25) and their families.  Each consultant listed below has their own business separate from EHCAP - each is individually indemnified and any work that they do is their own . Collaborative working between individuals, groups and companies who share the aim or purpose of providing public services that offer better value can be successful by enabling everyone concerned to retain their own identity while sharing values and outcomes.


Marie Tucker - CICADA Services

Tessa Hardingham - The Circle of Security Parenting 

Tessa Hardingham is a Registered Parent Educator with the Circle of Security Parenting programme and a play therapist.

 The Circle of Security is an 8 week relationship-based parenting programme founded on 50 years of attachment theory and research. The course is designed to offer the core elements of secure attachment to parents of young children.  It is particularly suited to parents who experience difficulty parenting, although it is relevant and helpful to all parent/child relationships.  Infants and children constantly seek to make connections with caregivers, to communicate with them and enjoy a predictable and rewarding relationship with them. This course will help parents to understand and respond to their children by giving them a coherent road map of their children’s needs. It supports parents in reflecting on their strengths and struggles, and examines how best to develop and sustain a secure attachment with their children, which in turn can have long lasting effects on children’s confidence, behaviour, relationships, learning and general happiness.


Tessa has run this course in a variety of settings, including with teenage single mums and in a nursery school.  


“I think if all parents did this course…we could make a huge impact changing and shaping family life and society for the better.” (A recent participant of the course.)

“The Circle of Security® is circling the globe as an intervention to help parents raise their children with love, warmth, and emotional intelligence. These innovators  [of the course] have created a readily accessible and engaging approach to helping parents, young and old, to connect with their infants and toddlers in ways that break the old, destructive patterns of parenting that so often have been learned by difficult childhood experiences in the past. Cited from England to India, the Circle of Security™ offers new hope for making the hard earned wisdom of attachment research available to clinicians helping parents heal old wounds and building new options for the next generation.”  Daniel J. Siegel M.D.


Ruth Marriott - Independent Consultant

Ruth has been a Senior Manager for over 12 years . She has strategic management experience in both the charitable and private sector. Her most recent post was as South Western Area Manager developing Core Children's Services and Fostering at Core Assets Group. Ruth has developed and delivered complex services for children, young people and families including innovative mental health projects for early intervention for psychosis, emerging personality disorder, a multi -systemic therapy service, homelessness floating support, detached youth work projects in the community, advocacy, young carers and informal education services.

Prior to her role at Core Assets Group she was Chief Executive for The Zone in Plymouth for over 6 years. Ruth has over 20 years experience of supporting young people with complex needs. Ruth was a founder of the Better Together Voluntary Community Sector consortia in Plymouth seeking to enable third sector organisations to increase their capacity and added value together and developed this consortia as part of her research when completing her MBA. She has significant experience of change management processes and undertook service restructures in both agencies. She recognised the need to enable staff to take on board a business development model whilst retaining the value base of the organisation.

Ruth has been on a number of national bodies to develop young people's mental health, advocacy and community development infrastructure bodies including Locality.



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