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Learning communities provide a space and a structure for people to align around a shared goal. Effective communities are both aspirational and practical. They connect people, organizations, and systems that are eager to learn and work across boundaries enabling participants to share results and learn from each other.

Are you working or living with children and young people who have difficulties with their mental health or managing their emotions? Are you interested in developing your skills in a trauma-informed approach to wellness?

You can access our Mindful Emotion Coaching e-learning modules for parents and professionals, our e-book summary of the trauma-informed approach known as Mindful Emotion Coaching and Adverse Childhood Experience Awareness (MACE), the video clips we stream in workshops and a summary of our evidence base for free through links at .

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Over the last 20 years we have begun to understand the complex interplay between genetics and environment and how chronic inflammation caused by toxic stress effects human development. Research has shown that Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences are linked with altered brain architecture (resulting in difficulties with impulse control and problem solving) as well as higher risk of developing diabetes, iscaemic heart disease and severe obesity.

As founder of EHCAP my vision is to take this knowledge into communities and into families currently experiencing adversity- sharing straight forward psycho education tools such as Dan Siegel's Hand Model metaphor for emotion regulation and John Gottman's Emotion Coaching relationship style. 

Everybody is resourceful to some degree. Coaching Wellness encourages us all to tap into and grow our internal resources and to connect with families and communities so that worries are talked about 


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