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Doctor Sarah Temple is a GP with a long standing interest in children’s emotional and mental health. She has  put together a coaching programme which is known as Mindful Emotion Coaching. In this programme she  talks about the science of the human stress response and how although lower levels of stress are a normal, healthy part of life higher levels of stress can affect child development especially if the stress is experienced in pregnancy or the first 3 years of life and if the adult caregivers in the home are struggling to provide nurturing emotion validating interactions and relationships. She then shares some straight forward psycho-education tools that families find helpful and that support them building their strengths and capabilities in emotion regulation and executive function. In Sarah's  experience, families who have experienced intergenerational adversity or who have mental health difficulties or  neurodiversities often need support in understanding what an emotion validating relationship means.

Sarah has a special interest in neurodevelopment and the link between emotional, mental and physical health - in particular the effects of trauma across generations and whole life spans. Sarah talks about the science of stress using the positive, tolerable, toxic stress model developed by Harvard University. She has more than 30 years experience working with children and young people both within General Practice and Mental Health Services (CAMHS). In 2019 she worked as a Named GP for the West Hampshire Children's Safeguarding Team. She has developed a psycho social behavioural intervention which she has shared in Hampshire, Essex and across children's services in Somerset. Sarah has trained as a coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and has created a Mindful Emotion Coaching Programme. She is available for both coaching and consultancy work

Sarah has worked closely with parents and carers (including parent carers) who are experiencing life events such as post natal mood change, having a child with additional needs or disability, post traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, divorce, domestic abuse, separation or  ill health. She has undertaken research in to the influence of parental health – both physical and mental – on both parents and children; and the impact on parental health of caring for  children with additional needs, behavioural issues, learning difficulties or disabilities. She has been trained to run Emotion Coaching Parenting Courses by Tuning in to Kids .

Bio from Sarah:

'I am a GP.... I became interested in how childhood experiences affect both physical and mental health outcomes when I was at medical school way back in the mid eighties- before the Anda and Felitti survey and the whole ACE agenda began. I was very fortunate to get taken under the wing of a gifted professor in child psychiatry at the time and in fact my medical student project was on the effects of intergenerational adversity. Move forward and an interest in psycho-somatic medicine took me to some GP training in London in 1999 and I was introduced to attachment theory and to the concept of ACEs.

I then opted to work in CAMHS for about 5 years and set up the virtual infant and maternal perinatal network in Cornwall before moving to Dorset where I live now.

I have been working with Public Health in Somerset since 2015 and you can see the history of our work through a series of annual reports at https://www.ehcap.co.uk/news/resilience-model-for-schools or by reading a summary of our trauma informed, healing centred approach to wellness at www.emotionresilience.co.uk .

The coronavirus pandemic provided a unique opportunity to transfer all our training and coaching to online which has made it very much easier for me to manage. This year I led a school readiness pilot in Yeovil providing coaching for adult caregivers of children in Early Years settings who staff felt had emotional difficulties such that they would struggle to settle into reception. The book 'all emotions are OK' sits alongside this piece of work together with resources developed at Anglia Ruskin University by Prof John Lambie - My First Emotions. John's board books have proven very popular with parents and carers who struggle with their own emotion literacy and need hand holding into how to interact with their children in an emotion validating way.

I am delighted that Oxford University are working with the same scienticfic evidence base as EHCAP and that they have made their resources free to access : www.oxfordbrainstory.org 

My gift- such as it is- is in working with teams to embed the science behind the toxic stress response (the physiological response to ACEs) and develop effective ways of working with families to improve outcomes. In Somerset this has involved working across services, developing a common vision and language and embedding straight forward psycho-education tools that everyone can use.'

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