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Mindful Emotion Coaching and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Awareness Workshops - South Gloucestershire



Training on 24th March has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic


The first workshop is also online if you would like a reminder of content


In March 2020 EHCAP commences training with teaching staff working in South Gloucestershire.

The aims for this project :

  • to understand the effects of adversity in childhood on long term physical and mental health outcomes using an Adverse Childhood Experience framework 
  • to build skills in insight and empathy through Mindful Emotion Coaching to support staff wellness and communication
  • to increase awareness and understanding of the neuroscience behind behaviour and social emotional development

Free Resources for Staff and Parents


Hand outs and Powerpoints for Workshops

Online Coaching Sessions with Sarah

Mar 18, 2020 08:00 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955-994-128

The second Zoom Meeting will be 3.45pm on 23rd March

You may find some of the discussions make you feel emotional especially when looking at the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) data in the Resilience documentary and during the second workshop when we run an exercise where you look at an ACE questionnaire. If you feel you would like to access emotional support please click this link. 

Staff who are attending workshops as learners  can leave feedback here :  Feedback Link.



Click this link to enter our interactive site. All the training video clips are available on the homepage and there are links to our elearning modules as well as to our most recent powerpoints. Before your first workshop you will be invited to register with the site which will mean you can access our powerpoints and resources.


The first  workshop is an introduction to  three forms of stress- positive, tolerable and toxic - together with skill building in those areas most likely to be affected by early adversity- Dan Siegel's Hand Model and John Gottman's Emotion Coaching.

Morning workshops are 9am to 1pm and the first workshop is followed by screening of Resilience over a BYO lunch. Afternoon workshops are 12-4pm with Resilience screened at 11 am.

Contact is Jo Hiam

Learners will need to come to the second workshop ready to share stories of working with The Hand Model and Emotion Coaching. To support this please read chapter 3 'Building the staircase of the mind' in Dan Siegel's Whole Brain Child Workbook, take a look through The 3 Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families or if you prefer watch Jack Shonkoff speaking  and familiarise yourself with our online resources including our elearning portal.


UK research into ACEs and link with toxic stress research in the USA

Evaluation summary Mindful Emotion Coaching


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