Coaching and Wellness Plan

Published: May, 2018

We are working collaboratively with Parents and Sixth Formers across Somerset and in Sherborne, Dorset.

Parents and Young People tell us that they want emotional and mental health support available in the community. Specialist CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) is increasingly difficult to access quickly and sometimes families wait for 6 weeks or more unsure of what they can do.

We have put together a coaching and wellness plan for Young People in Sixth Form, College and/or University, families and schools - before completing this plan we recommend watching the four video clips embedded further down this page. We have now completed a series of workshops with sixth formers in The Gryphon, Sherborne building skills in managing emotions as well as screening the documentary Resilience and leading discussions about toxic stress.

Alpiri Wellness Plan 

We also provide on line coaching support for families 


Developing Emotional Awareness - on line modules for young people age 14 plus from Samaritans


 The first video clip  is Sarah Temple talking about Mindfulness and The Hand Model, the second is Amy (Parent Family Support Advisor)  sharing her understanding of Professor Dan Siegel's Hand Model metaphor.

The third is Dr Sarah Temple sharing the basics of Mindful Emotion Coaching with Powerpoint slides she uses with sixth form groups. The idea here is to give enough information about the neuroscience of how feelings and emotions affect  behaviour for young people and families to feel able to complete the Alpiri Coaching and Wellness Plan.  If you are a Young Person and you want to complete this Plan- find someone you feel comfortable with - maybe a friend or a member of your family or a trusted adult at school- then choose a quiet safe place when you both have half an hour you can spend together, read it through and add your own text.

The fourth is Professor Dan Siegel explaining 'Flipping Your Lid' on You Tube. 

Click this link for a video on toxic stress  and  stress health .

Dr Sarah Temple talks about Mindfulness and Emotion Coaching from EHCAP on Vimeo.




Click here to view Video clips referred to within the Powerpoint

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The framework for our Coaching and Safety Plan has been adapted from beyondblue's BeyondNow suicide safety planning app. beyondblue is an Australian non profit organisation working to promote good mental health, tackle stigma and discrimination, and provide support and information on anxiety, depression and suicide.

Young People (Head Start Research and feedback from sixth form groups) tell us that it is important for them to have someone available to talk to about their problems or difficult situations when and if they need to and so the Samaritans help line number is on the footer of every page of the plan together with a link to Kooth. Young People also say that they want to know about the neuroscience of early brain development and the effects of toxic stress on health. They also say that they would like time to do the things they find relaxing, enjoy or make them feel better and they ask us adults not to presume that adversity necessarily leads to emotional difficulties.

We are developing Youth Wellness Pods with building blocks for stress health including : supportive relationships, quality sleep, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, mental health and mindful activities


Kooth - free safe and anonymous on line support for young people

Samaritans - a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way and about anything that may be getting to you- you do not need to be suicidal and you can be any age.

Childline - free on line, on the phone free support for young people and children under the age of 19years whatever the issue big or small

NSPCC Help Line  call line is open 24 hours or email [email protected]

Young Minds- free Parents Help Line 

Alpiri Coaching - coaches trained in the mindful emotion coaching approach, creative arts coaching 


Most popular Video Clip used with Young People The Somerset Emotion Coaching Project

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