Hand Outs for 'All Emotions are OK' second webinar

Published: April, 2019

Handouts and resources for the second part of the trauma informed, healing centred ' All Emotions are OK' approach are attached below

Click here for Handouts for Part One (if you missed it)

www.mindfulemotioncoaching.co.uk  - resources for professionals, parents and communities

The training session will be 3 and a half hours long (half a day). The first part of the session will be flexi learning with online resources provided. You can do this at a different time if you prefer. You will then join Dr Sarah Temple and her colleagues in a Live Event for the final 2 hours of the session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions through a Q&A.

You will receive an email with the link for the second webinar once you have completed the first one. 

The links for flexi learning (takes approximately one hour) are listed here and you will find the video clips that you need to stream below them. These video clips will NOT be streamed during the webinar. You MUST watch the video clips before the webinar.


 Unless you have been invited as a presenter, you will enter the Live Event as an anonymous attendee so please click this option (rather than sign up or join). In addition the platform works best with Chrome or Edge so if you are using a different browser you may need to change. Android phones don't appear to be able to connect at all. Some LA employees are finding that they have to cut and paste the URL into the browser rather than clicking direct. 

URL for Teams Live Event on November 6th

1. Brenee Brown : Sympathy vs Empathy

 2. Circle of Security - Shark Music

Being-With and Shark Music -- Circle of Security International from Circle of Security International on Vimeo

3. The toxic stress response 

 4. Jack Shonkoff's latest video clip linking ACEs and toxic stress

 5. Gemma Darby- Primary School Teacher and Mum - shares her experience of mindful emotion coaching

If you feel you would like to know more about ACEs take a look at this web page  and consider joining our learning community at www.alpiri.co.uk 


Dr Sarah Temple MRCGP

Director EHCAP Ltd

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