Early Years and Duchess Kate

Published: December, 2020

Introducing The Royal Foundation’s landmark research on the Early Years

Written by Lucy Howard, blogger at Mrs H’s favourite things

On Friday, 27th November 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled the biggest ever UK study on the Early Years. Drawing on science, this research tells us that a child’s experiences in their early years will go on to affect their lives as adults and their contribution as members of society.

For the last nine years, the Duchess of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation have looked into how experiences in early childhood can shape the adult that child becomes. This can ultimately lead to some of society’s greatest challenges such as addiction, family breakdown, poor mental health, suicide and homelessness.

To launch this study on the early years and the release of the #5BigInsights, that are at the core of this research, The Royal Foundation hosted an online event entitled “What the UK thinks about the early years: A forum to launch The Royal Foundation’s landmark study on the early years.” During this event, the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a wonderful keynote address which you can watch in the video below:


As a mother of two children, I found the whole speech very moving and inspiring. I was particularly moved by the quotation below. As it shows that nurturing the early years of life, are not just a parent’s responsibility, but the responsibility of society as a whole.

Because the science shows that the early years are more pivotal for future health and happiness than any other period in our lifetime. Because as many as 40% of our children will arrive at school with below the expected levels of development. And because the social cost of late intervention has been estimated to be over 17 billion pounds a year. The early years are, therefore, not simply just about how we raise our children. They are, in fact, about how we raise the next generation of adults. They are about the society we will become.”

The full report can be read here: State of the Nation: Understanding public attitudes to the Early Years

The report's executive summary can also be read here.

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