Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic with Compassion - Dr Sarah Temple

Published: March, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has the capacity to affect every person in the world—and how each individual responds can potentially affect everyone else. The team at EHCAP have responded by making our free  e-learning modules for parents easier to access. We know that talking about emotions and feelings is an important way for us to connect with each other and manage stress and anxiety. In these free e-learning modues you can learn about the neuroscience of connections and link with other parents and colleagues by posting comments and ideas. In addition, we are  offering free access to online coaching in emotion intelligence and stress management for colleagues working in frontline acute and community NHS, front line Early Help and Social Care, front line Policing and school settings. Take a look at our trauma-informed Family Wellness Programme which provides access to straight forward psycho-education tools as well as information about the biology of stress. To get started using this programme watch this video explanation

Mindful connecting is a core part of what we are about and I am delighted to be working with Sam Goddard, Director of The Devon School of Reiki providing resources such as this video by way of support for parents and carers.



Those of you who have been involved with us for a while will know that we have had a collaborative relationship with Headspace for many years. I have attached their information sheet on the evidence base behind mindfulness. Click here for free annual log ins for educators and for health care professionals.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with information provided by NHS 111 and some of you will know about the excellent Public Health England information in easy read versions. For documents in a multitude of languages take a look at this website Doctors of the World . My own top tip is to purchase a finger pulse oximeter so that you can assess your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate easily at home - avalable online for about £35. This is very helpful indeed if you need to contact your GP or NHS 111.

This is an opportunity to look at the Harvard Medical School Coronavirus Resource Center  which has a constantly updated webpage with answers to questions about things like:


Dr. Greg L. Fricchione is the Mind Body Medical Institute Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. In this podcast he places in context the worries we all feel at the momen and talks about positive, tolerable and toxic stress as well as the science of mindfulness and the role of mindful activities in reducing stress and anxiety. He is joined by Dr. Fricchione who is the faculty editor for the Harvard Health Publishing special health report Stress Management.



Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University are creating resources for families -  see below one of the videos they are recommending at the moment. I have also attached a folding flyer designed for children and various resources coming in through our Whats App group that may be useful. 




We have some great things happening here in the UK too- take a look at this lovely nurse Dotty children's book written by an Intensive Care Nurse in Southampton - Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus  .


You may be aware that legislative changes are currently in process through 'The Coronavirus Act' - if you are a health or care worker it's certainly worth keeping up with what this means for all of us on the ground.  

Justin Amery is a GP expert in end-of-life care and has put together a series of video clips  with lots of helpful ways of managing our worst fears while hoping for good outcomes. The video below is the first in his series and in it he explains to families, carers and professionals how to think ahead and have conversations about planning for the worst case scenario. It's a difficult series of videos to watch but for those of us with vulnerable relatives and friends it's an important one.

Before signing off there are more amazing things happening - take a look at  an online community built by leading experts in health and wellbeing including Ruby Wax and Dan Siegel. Ruby Wax is now offering her UK Frazzled Cafes online rather than face to face and John Kabat Zinn is running a series of open sessions on You Tube- the first is embedded below and the remainder are available through Wisdom2Summit .


The direct URL for this page is  and the direct URL for the e-learning I have mentioned is - please share with friends and family-

Very best wishes



Dr Sarah Temple MRCGP

Director, EHCAP Ltd

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