All Emotions are OK

Published: June, 2021

All emotions are OK - an innovative approach to family wellness led by Dr Sarah Temple. Sarah is a GP in Somerset with a special interest in neurodevelopment. She has more than 30 years experience working with children, young people and families both within General Practice and Mental Health Services.

The training is devided into two half days. The first part of each session will be flexi-learning which you can do at any time before joining the webinar. The flexi learning takes a minimum of one hour.

You should have received the URL for the Live Event by email at least a week before the event. The key links fpr the pre-webinar learning are listed here and below them you will see the video clips you need to watch before joining Sarah and her team. These video clips will NOT be streamed during the webinar. 

Unless you have been invited as a presenter, you will enter the Live Event as an anonymous attendee so please click this option (rather than sign up or join). In addition the platform works best with Chrome or Edge so if you are using a different browser you may need to change. Android phones don't appear to be able to connect at all. Some LA employees are finding that they have to cut and paste the URL into the browser rather than clicking direct.

Attendee Live Event November 3rd 2021 


1. Mindful moments


2. There is NHS funded emotional support available for parents and carers who live in England and you don't need a GP referral

 3. Inside Out is  a great conversation starter


4. Daniel J. Siegel talking about The Hand Model - please go to for different interpretations of Dan Siegel's metaphor


5. Amy's version of The Hand Model 



6. This is a clip of Lucy Howard (blogger) talking about how she found the My First Emotions board books useful when her children were small.



7. John Gottman's video clips are mostly only available through The Gottman Institute. This one is on You Tube and free for us all to access


8. Another lovely clip from Inside Out- this time showing Emotion Coaching sadness (versus Emotion Dismissing)


9. Fiona and Vickie are both parents and dhare their stories with us


 10. The most popular video clip of all 



 Want to find out more? Take a look at  Hand outs and videos for the second of this series and think about joining our learning community.


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