In the wake of the Mid Staffordshire Enquiry and the Francis Report the team at  EHCAP are exploring ways of enabling sustained compassionate person centred care.

We believe that the combination of Emotion Coaching and Mindfulness can reduce Compassion Fatigue and enable sustained compassionate  care.  Dr Sarah Temple is trained to provide Mindful Emotion Coaching courses in the UK. She is working closely with The Mindful Centre in Melbourne, Australia and Bath Spa University.

Learning from Empathy Studies in Cleveland


Mindfulness and meditation

Multiple studies have shown that the structure of the brain itself can change during meditation , in a process known as neuroplasticity ie in the same way that training the body can make muscles stronger, so training the mind with meditation can make the area of the brain associated with calm and wellbeing stronger.

Andy Puddicombe has a dedicated research section on the Headspace website as well as case studies described in his book. Evidence base for mindfulness enhancing immune system response, improving psoriasis, reducing irritable bowel symptoms, lowering physiological response to stress is now readily available - see this Kings Fund article about mindfulness in health and social care.  Professor Mark Williams of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre is extremely well regrded - as is  Dr Caroline Hoffman who  has research printed in The Journal of Clinical Oncology and runs courses at The Haven in Fulham, London.

If you wish to find out more about mindfulness and meditation on line meet Andy Puddicombe ...... Andy has written in detail about how we can change our experience of feelings and emotions and find peace and calm within ourselves.


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