Mindful Emotion Coaching is about pausing - noticing and feeling emotions, connecting and developing empathy, working together to find solutions that work. It's about being person centred and doing things with rather than doing things to.

Bath Spa University have worked on Emotion Coaching Projects in Melksham and Wootton Bassett.  They are now working with Kate Cairns Associates and others in providing the Attachment Aware Schools   Programme in Bath and North East Somerset.

Tuning in to Kids™ is a parenting program inspired by Professor John Gottman's research in the USA that helps children and young people learn to understand and regulate their emotions leading to  improvements in  emotional competence, social skills and behaviour. The Tuning in to Kids programme is particularly effective for children with behaviour difficulties or anxiety problems  .

Tuning in to Teens is an adaptation of the original Tuning in to Kids programme and has been shown to reduce youth internalisation difficulties  by improving parent emotion socialisation.

Tuning in to Toddlers is the most recent adaptation of the programme and is under evaluation.

Dr Sarah  Temple is working with Drs Sophie Havinghurst and Ann Harley who have written both Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens. Sophie and Ann work within The Mindful Centre in the University of Melbourne. The California Evidence Based Clearing House for Child Welfare has rated the Tuning in to Kids Programme within Disruptive Behaviour Treatments for Children and Adolescents.

Evidence base for Mindfulness is growing all the time ........ NHS Choices say.......  Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust are commissioning Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for staff wellbeing


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