Cascading Mindful Emotion Coaching


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Most people begin by joining us on a One Day Introduction  to Mindful Emotion Coaching. The training draws on resources put together by Tuning in to Kids in Melbourne as well as research by two key American thinkers- Dan Siegel and John Gottman. We have brought together the essence of their work and created a short psycho-social behavioural change intervention which is easy to teach and reproducible. The content for the One Day Introduction can be found within our free e learning modules.


Having completed the one day introduction we then recommend attending a two day workshop training to run  Tuning in to Teens Parenting Groups. Attending these groups helps embed understanding of Mindful Emotion Coaching and we feel running a Parenting Group at least once a year is a good way of staying in touch with the theory and resources. Tuning in to Teens is a copy righted, manualised and evidence based Parenting Programme developed in The Mindful Centre, Melbourne, Australia.


Our training model is one of cascading from early on and we offer support in various ways:


- one to one or group supervision - on line using video conferencing

- access to and use of our training powerpoints  

- facilitators are able to travel to your setting and support you training up to 20 staff or parents

- free log in to our e-learning portal

- free log in to our  Interactive Website (automatic registration process) 


 In addition we offer top up video coaching and INSET.


Comments from Learners: 

- interesting and hugely beneficial

- the course reinforced best practice and gave up to date information on neuroscience

- I have used this directly with a 1:1 child and usd the hand model with parents as a tol to help explain what happens when   their chid 'flips their lid'

- good tool, straightforward phrases, really useful!

- a much needed training day, well delivered and easy to engage with

Mindful Emotion Coaching Training - a summary guide


Putting Mindful Emotion Coaching at the heart of Person Centered Practice or PCP


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