Person Centred Practice


'¬óBeing person-centred means going beyond the provision of a roof over a person's head and regular meals. It is about listening to and understanding the dreams and hopes of that person; what makes them excited; what makes them sad; what they would like to do with their lives.' Dr Tony Stanley Principal Child and Family Social Worker for Children’s Social Care at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Inspired by her own experience of being a patient through cancer treatment Dr Sarah Temple has developed an interest in Person Centred Practice. She is working with Bath Spa University and Tuning in to Kids (Mindful Centre, Melbourne, Australia) developing a Mindful Emotion Coaching tool to support sustainable Person Centred Practice. 

Quotes below are adapted from Maine  Department of Health and Social Services - Person Centred Thinking.


 Person Centred Practice is a well established  way of enabling health and care staff to respect and involve people who use services

It's about doing things with people rather than to  or for them

It's about relationships, it's dynamic and it's always changing

It focuses on the person and their individual capacities and interests

It makes sure everyone knows who the person's support network are

It means the person and their support network make decisions, seeking professional advice as needed

It focuses on quality of life as defined by the person

Can only come from respect for the dignity and completeness of the person

It organises communities to be more inclusive and accommodating

Roles are fluid according to what makes sense for the person

It helps us all work together better




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The Government aims for there to be 'no decision about me without me' for people accessing health and care services.


The Care Quality Commission listens to  people accessing health and care services, other members of the public and Healthwatch England and  regulates health and adult social care services making certain government standards are met. They do this by producing a Guidance about Compliance with a series of expected outcomes from providers. Outcome 1 in the Care Quality Commission Guidance about Compliance is ' Respecting and involving people who use services'


Person Centred Practice is a well established  way of enabling health and care staff to respect and involve people who use services.


NICE: Mental Wellbeing of older people in care homes (QS50)

A person-centred, integrated approach to providing services is fundamental to delivering high-quality care to older people in care homes. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 sets out a clear expectation that the care system should consider NICE quality standards in planning services.

Person Centered Planning Manual for Facilitators


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